Velocidad de Escape

An introduction to Monads in Javascript

This is probably one of the most complex topics that I have talked in this blog... We can find definitions of Monads in Mathematics (category theory and linear algebra), Philosophy, Biology and Functional...



Is HTML a programming language?

A few days ago I returned to Twitter and well, apparently things have not changed much... I came across a Byzantine discussion that I thought we might have gotten over, _Is HTML a programming language?_ (Yes,...


The art of writing your first prompt

**Disclaimer**: This is not a guide by any means, I am a newbie in this but I am learning. I know by now you may be tired of hearing so much about OpenAI and ChatGPT. The Hype is at its peak and surely it is...


Andrés and the Quantum Machine

I was playing a bit with the OpenAI playground, fine-tuning the prompts a bit in such a way that the AI would give me interesting results. Prompt: > Tell me a full story with a beginning, middle, and end...