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Using AbortController in React

The use of <a class="hover:no-underline text-blue underline" href="" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer">AbortController</a> is helpful in...


Built-in error objects in JavaScript

This morning I was improving a bit my blog, and I found this piece of code, this is simply a validation that I am doing on a component that I create for Astro: ```js if (typeof text !== "string") { throw...


Being an Individual contributor in LATAM

Among my many pending tasks I had this one, writing a post talking about how difficult or impossible it is to be an Individual Collaborator in LATAM, but well, I finally decided, this may be an unpopular...


Dynamic classes in Tailwind

Yesterday I was playing with OpenAI (as usual), creating one of my many experiments, testing new prompts, etc. ## <a class="hover:no-underline text-blue underline"...