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In my previous job, I had the chance to be part of the tech screeners team, I helped the HR team interviewing candidates for different positions in UI/Front-end. I learned a lot from candidates, and also I learned a lot how to stand out in job interviews (more focused in IT positions).

So, here my tips, are not a global rule, but some of them are really useful.

Prepare your introduction

An introduction is the first cover letter, it needs to be short, needs to be simple, but at the same time it needs to be shocking. Should include personal information. And in short, talk about the most important and interesting projects in which you have been able to participate.

You must think that you are a product and you must sell yourself in the best way (without telling lies), demonstrate that you are sufficiently qualified for the position to which you are applying (you can read more about personal branding).

Investigate more about the company

This is really important, one of the most important tips; you have research the company very thoroughly. Understanding the company’s target market, knowing more about the history.

Research can be easily conducted via the company’s website, trade publications, and by asking current employees (if you know any).

Interviewers should feel that you are really interested in working with them.

Be confident.

Our code is our business card

We are developers (many of us). These days our resume is important, but having a repository with our projects could be even more important. Many companies check how active you are, if you are a great contributor to free software projects, if you mentor and help others, and if you share your projects with others. This also implicitly shows that you are a person who constantly studies new things and likes to learn.

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And finally, many human resources people have a profession in psychology, for this reason they look at other details, which at first glance may seem irrelevant: body language (really important), also they enjoy when you made amazing questions about the company, the positions, etc.

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