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About me

My first blog post


A long time has passed since the last time I blogged. Geek the Planet was my blog for over 10 years.

I remember that I started writing about technology because I have been passionate about it since I was a child. I was always a very curious young man and from a very young age I started studying about HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, Linux, Hacking, etc. But each new learning brought its new challenges, a super slow connection speed, sometimes little documentation (there was no Stack Overflow), I had to read a lot to solve something.

Running a Linux distribution on my computer was tremendously complex (I remember I tried Red Hat and Debian) but it was almost impossible, many drivers were not working properly, including the winmodem one (that is, I had no internet connection).

At some point I realized and knew that many more people had the same problems as me, so I decided to start writing about these problems along with the solution.

In the first years my blog had 500-1000 unique visits per month, I felt like a winner, but then the blog started to become more and more popular, my posts were more and more frequent, in my country many people knew me as a technological reference, many companies invited me to many events, my blog had 10,000-15,000 unique visitors per day, it was crazy.

I met many important people, Jon "Maddog" Hall, Michio Kaku, Kevin Mitnick, Steve Wozniak, Neil Harbisson... I do not know if they can imagine how incredible it was.

For many years my blog went from being a hobby to being a job, the blog was monetized and the amount of money I earned was enough to live comfortably, then I started university and started learning a lot of things that I eventually shared in my blog. But the time was getting shorter. Very sad...

My last publication was on March 14, 2017, I was already a computer and systems engineer, I already had a job, I met beer and I never published again...

I decided to create a blog using Gatsby (I also use tailwindcss for the first time), very complex to create it from scratch, but I wanted to live the experience of understanding how this open source framework works well to create websites. This blog still has a lot of errors (the design is quite minimalist), it is not responsive. If you find something you would like me to improve I would like you to let me know, I would be really grateful.

My idea is to continue sharing knowledge with the world, now I am a web developer with little more than 9 years of experience, but I have never lost the spirit of blogger and curiosity.

If you want to know a little more about me, you can visit my personal website Gecken.

My English is quite bad and I usually make terrible mistakes, sorry, I will try to improve.


Sr. Hart (A.K.A. Angelfire)