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Yesterday I was playing with OpenAI (as usual), creating one of my many experiments, testing new prompts, etc.



Basically the idea is to generate a color palette with a description and a title based on a series of words that we indicate to the AI, up to this point it looks like a fairly simple data structure:

type Color = {
  hex: string
  name: string
  pantone: string
  rgb: string

type PaletteProps = {
  colors: Color[]
  description: string
  title: string

So, based on the OpenAI response, my ideas was to render this (of course using TailwindCSS):

export const Palette = ({ colors }: PaletteProps) => (
  <div className="mt-12 flex flex-col items-center">
    <div className="grid grid-cols-5 gap-3">
    { => (
      <div className={`bg-[${color.hex}] h-11 w-4`} key={} />

It seemed logical and simple… Why wouldn’t it work?

Spoiler, It didn’t work…

I tried many things, but in the end I had to open a discussion in Github, the first answer was very interesting:

The most important implication of how Tailwind extracts class names is that it will only find classes that exist as complete unbroken strings in your source files.

What it means?

Don’t construct class names dynamically

<div class="text-{{ error ? 'red' : 'green' }}-600"></div>

Always use complete class names

<div class="{{ error ? 'text-red-600' : 'text-green-600' }}"></div>

Don’t use props to build class names dynamically

function Button({ color, children }) {
  return (
    <button className={`bg-${color}-600 hover:bg-${color}-500 ...`}>

It was exactly my scenario…

So, I “re mapped” my color array, to have something like:

{hex: 'bg-[#F8A06F]', name: 'Coral Reef', pantone: '17-1563', rgb: '248, 160, 111'}

It didn’t work either…

Finally, this is what worked for me:

{ => (
    style={{ backgroundColor: `${color.hex}` }}
    className="h-24 w-9"


According to an answer from Adam (the creator of Tailwind):

Yeah this works because inline styles are handled by the browser at run-time but Tailwind has to compile a stylesheet ahead of time at build time. For dynamic styles like this I would generally recommend using inline styles like you are here 👍🏻

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