Velocidad de Escape

I was playing a bit with the OpenAI playground, fine-tuning the prompts a bit in such a way that the AI would give me interesting results.


Tell me a full story with a beginning, middle, and end titled “Andrés and the Quantum Machine”. At the end of the story, include a crazy plot twist. Make the story feel really awesome like Back to the future

Here is the result…

The year was 2520 and Andrés was a brilliant physicist living in a world of advanced technology. He had been working on a revolutionary new invention for the past few years, a quantum machine that promised to revolutionize the way we thought about quantum physics.

Andrés had been working closely with a small team of scientists from around the world who were helping him develop this new machine. After months of research, development and testing, Andrés and his team were finally ready to try the machine out.

The moment of truth arrived and Andrés had the machine switched on. To everyone’s surprise, the machine worked! It was able to successfully manipulate quantum particles and create new energy sources.

The possibilities seemed endless. With this new machine, Andrés and his team had unlocked a door to a whole new world of science. They were now able to explore the mysteries of the quantum world and the possibilities of the universe that had been beyond the reach of mankind until now.

However, as they continued to explore the new machine and its capabilities, they soon realized that they were not the only ones interested in the technology. Powerful forces were now starting to take notice and were doing whatever they could to take control of the machine and use it for their own gain.

Andrés and his team now had to fight for their lives to protect the machine from those who wanted it for nefarious purposes. They tried to keep a low profile as they continued to develop the machine, but eventually they were found out and had to flee.

The team managed to escape and they continued to work on the machine in secret, far away from their pursuers. In the end, they were able to perfect the machine and unlock the secrets of the quantum universe.

However, just as they were about to celebrate their success, they were suddenly transported back in time to the year 2020! It turned out that the quantum machine had caused a rift in the space-time continuum and sent them back in time.

The team was now back in 2020, and with the knowledge from 2520, they were able to create a new and improved version of the machine. This new version of the machine has the potential to revolutionize the world.

Andrés and his team have now become the most powerful people on the planet and are determined to use their newfound power to make the world a better place. With the help of the quantum machine, they are now ready to change the future.

What do you think? I really enjoyed the story and the plot twist, was not bad…

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